Friday, 27 April 2018

Super big bruise!

Totally random post because I haven't had such a big bruise since I was a teenager! And I love bruises! *crazy*

Beautiful? Haha!

We left a 27kg box near the doorway after lugging it back from Ikea one night - it was our desk. The next morning, I was standing there when Yu pulled it over. Luckily it landed on me and not him.

When I had such a big bruise years back, it was also on a shin but higher up. Mother wouldn't bother normally but I think she couldn't bear the size and took Zam-Buk to it one night - I was sitting on the step leading to the kitchen howling madly at 11 pm! Now that I think about it, it should be that time when I was studying at the table, got up to pee but got dizzy and fell into the bathroom. That's about half my life ago *.*

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Water is money...

That's what I say to console myself - water is money...

On Easter Sunday, and that's 1 April, almost a whole month ago, I discovered that Kai's wall was wet on the bottom 50 cm or so. A tiny 5-cm puddle was found at late morning under the magnetic stopper for the door.

Yu was due to start PG the next day so I was on leave. Got the main contractor to come have a look. Did a little conference call to ID. I dug out the floor plans to check the no-drill zone but couldn't tell whether the cabinet nails were safe unless we took it apart. Decision was thus to remove the cabinet to check the nails.

Tuesday morning, the carpenter team came, remove the cabinet and basin. No issue with the nails there. Did pressure test to confirm. But maybe it was the bidet spray holder?? So they took down the wall tile. Looked fine. But there's still leaking.

Bathroom on Tuesday

And the cement was wet above the bidet spray. Guess what? Need to remove mirror! That was scheduled for Thursday. But the nails were fine too. So they started hacking the cement. Somehow they then said it could be the bidet spray point which had multiple joints. So they removed it and did the pressure test - it showed no leak! Did magic just happen?? But how did the leak in the joint cause the ponding on the other side and wetness up 50cm?!

Bathroom on Thursday

Mirror part

Since they have drilled, they might as well drill the part right behind cabinet so they did. And somehow puncture the wall in Kai's room!

Ugly patching of wall that took three days to cover up nicely

There being no more leaks, main contractor wanted to seal things up. But where was the problem? And my ID had not seen anything. I held up the work and called ID - I think he should go have a look. His plumber couldn't make it but based on my pictures, he had a theory that the leak was probably in the joints of the pipes inside. But there being no more leaks, ID gave the go-ahead to seal things up but suggested we wait some time before we put everything back.

Bathroom on Friday

Bathroom next Tuesday, 10 April

They wanted to come back to fix back the bidet spray holder but I rejected it. I never wanted to drill that in anyway but I forgot to tell ID. I used the Daiso shower head holder instead. So I'm still looking for a replacement shower head holder for the kids... No stock at IMM or ION Daiso...

Anyway, and then we started waiting. I flushed the toilet, ran the water here and there, and checked the walls every day. Last Thursday, I called ID to get the bathroom fixed. This Tuesday, the carpenter team came and fixed everything. Since yesterday, the kids got their bathroom back. Sito and I also got ours back - no more wet floors and crumpled towels!

The kids are still getting used to it. After all, they spent more time using our bathroom than theirs since we moved it!

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Dating my husband :)

Last Friday, we decided to go to Ikea to get couple more stuff for the house. We ended up with a desk for ourselves (finally!) and a pot of money plant, plus some smaller goods. Sito had the bright idea of going to Two Chefs for dinner - we first heard about it in 2012 and kept saying we should go. Well, we finally did - three weeks after we moved away from the area!

Actually I met G et al at Two Chefs week of LNY but I didn't join for dinner then, only tried a meat dish that looked white. We ordered that - was milk powder *.* The eatery was very near our old place. I cut through the school to get there. A little freaky coz it was very quiet and still at night...

Us last Friday, at Two Chefs

Us yesterday, at Oasis for porridge

Just had to take a picture yesterday coz I realised we were wearing the same thing one week ago! True, we don't have much clothes so we cycle through them pretty quickly. The kids have significantly more but they no longer wear them much coz it's now uniform after lunch in the new school instead of home clothes in the old school

Porridge was lunch. We needed to do refinancing of our mortgage that afternoon at TPY. As we had some time, we tried to go for foot reflexology but there was no immediate vacancy. So last night, we tried again! No vacancy at the $20 place but there was vacancy at the $40 place *.* Well, being suckers, we went for that. I found it quite good though Sito thought the therapist could have been stronger. I got a package right away, not so much for the massage but for pedicure.

Now that we've moved, our dates would take place around our place. No more Vivocity or Orchard - just too far for the little time we have. Plus my mind can stray to the kids at home... Maybe one day when they're older...

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

A bleeding nose and more

Just now, I was doing bedtime with Kai when I tickled him a little. I was lying down while he was sitting up in front of me. Time slowed to a crawl as I watched his head fall back hard on my nose!

I clutched my nose in pain, made some horrid sound and leapt out of bed to grab some tissue. Blood! I asked Kai to turn on the light as I sat on the floor, blowing blood and mucous out of my super painful nose.

I was too absorbed in my pain to see him before but when he brought me the tissue box, I saw concern in his face. He said, sorry Mama, as he dabbed my tears away - yes, it was so painful I started tearing. Or just my sensitive nose causing the tears.

But those little tears soon gave way to big wails as all the recent stress over the house - now we have a water issue, akan datang - and all the tiredness from work and child care overwhelmed me. Kai continued to dab my tears as I sobbed and poured out my heart to this poor boy. I told him I was so tired and stressed coz of this and that. He just looked at me, listened and dabbed at my tears.

When I asked for a hug, he put his arms around me and held me tight but not overly tight as he tends to sometimes when super angry or excited. It was so nice. I thanked him and told him I would be brave, ok? Ok, he said. Did I scare him? No, he said he was ok. I think he fits into a protecting role very well :)

When I stopped wailing, he said sorry again. I told him it wasn't all his fault coz I should know better than to tickle him in that position. So, recalling some words of wisdom from my marriage preparation work, I suggested we take responsibility for our parts - I don't tickle like that and he tries not to fall backwards. He tends to do that since he was a baby, especially when he throws a tantrum but he usually falls on his bed. He agreed but highlighted back to me that I should not tickle him like that cos he MIGHT - with finger emphasis! - fall on me! We locked our pinkies and pressed our thumbs together. Deal.

My loving little boy

Monday, 2 April 2018

Yu goes to playgroup!

For the last time, I sent a baby to playgroup today. So many lasts...

Look how cute he is in his still-so-big XS uniform!

It's nigh on impossible to take a good shot of them three together!

N and I walked the boys to school, with Yu in the stroller. Kai started introducing Yu to everyone at the check-in area, as his "new brother" hoho! He was so sweet to him, wanting to carry him and all. Quite scary sometimes :p

Kai and Yang put their bags down outside their respective classrooms, and we sat down to play while waiting for breakfast. The younger kids played with blocks while the older ones were playing elsewhere. I shooed Kai to his friends but he kept coming back to his baby brother :)

Baby playing with blocks

Yang can do a mean truck now! "Coz I'm big boy!"

Breakfast today was koko krunch with Milo. I thought that was a chocolate overdose *.* But surprisingly, Kai said he didn't like the cereals so he just drank half a cup of Milo - so restrained! I guess his two slices of bread and a small piece of chocolate cake left over from tea yesterday were still in his stomach! Yang had two bowls of breakfast though. As did Yu! But Yu did not have Milo - I thought that would be too messy..

Yu did this after seeing Yang do it

Else he could scoop some up!

That was Kai standing next to him, telling his friend about his baby brother :) Another friend of his told Yu he was cute :) A little girl came over to Yu to make friends; I guess she found him cute too haha!

Then it was circle time! And Yu proved a little hard to sit still. He strayed to the side a few times coz he wanted the toys. And I couldn't move coz Yang was on me! Thankfully, more teachers had arrived by then.

Taking centre stage just before we got into the circle

Somehow we I lasted until 9 am outdoor time! Yang was clingy and wanted me to follow him to his class. After a couple of minutes, a kiss and a hug settled him - he went to class willingly. I picked up Yu who was roaming in and out of Yang's classroom, and went to find his class at the play area.

And I made a discovery - he doesn't like artificial grass!

I was wondering why he was so ai-mai ai-mai about the slide. When I helped him on, he wanted to go head down! When I turned him around to go leg down, he lifted up his legs as he reached the bottom! Super cute la.. And he didn't take well to sand too *.*

So he settled with this

We then went into the next area where it was ALL artificial grass! He refused to walk in! I gave in and carried him in but kept trying to make his feet touch the grass when we were seated on it - naughty Mama! Anyway, we were only resting there, drinking water. But that was useful - he wanted water so I asked him to go get it from his teacher, who was seated a couple of steps away. He did it! But he scrambled back into my lap quickly. I guess all it takes is time...

We went into the classroom and he sat down next to his teacher

I made a call to the management office coz - believe it or not - we have a leaking pipe!! And the contractor was coming up to inspect so I left Yu :( To be honest, I intended to leave him to run errands but not as early as 9.30 am...

When I went back to get the kids in the evening, the principal told me Yu cried really hard! :( I felt a bit bad :( But then she said it was after nap time - oh, then that's normal! :p Somehow, Yu would sometimes cry after a nap. No idea why.. When his teacher brought him out, she said he had been good and adjusting well. Another teacher who was at check-out said he let her wash him after a poop, no struggles! So proud of my baby :)

PS: I was searching my blog and realised I didn't talk about Yang going to playgroup!!! :(((( He was very cute too! But Mama was bad and didn't blog about it :(

Look at this cute toddler!

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Bye bye, old school!

When Kai and Yang left, we still went back to get Yu. They also went back for LNY celebrations. But now, it's really the last day - there is no reason for us to go back any more, big sobs!

Thursday was Yu's last full day. When I went to get him in the evening, Teacher S handed me a booklet. I thought it was his art work. When I got back, I realised it was more like a gift from the teachers!

They are so sweet!

Today, I said bye bye to Kai's classmate who was the only other kid in school. He knew it was Yu's last day. As we said bye bye to Teacher K and W Laoshi, I felt like crying already! :( My baby is graduating from infant care, and we were forever leaving the place that saw my three boys through their infanthood!

A wefie outside the school

(Oh yes,  我又想不开了! Cut my hair again, almost two years to the last drastic cut.)

Yu will be one week shy of 18 months on Monday. But I think he is ready for playgroup. He can make his wishes known with sounds (grunt), some words (bread!) and pointing. He can understand adults somewhat, nod and shake his head. He can defend himself - ask his brothers me and my poor face.

And he can pose with a nerf gun like his brothers!

But I've taken leave on Monday. My last baby is going into playgroup, with a new routine, new teachers, new classmates. Let Mama be there. At least for a while...

Friday, 30 March 2018

Two weeks in

In the flash of an eye, we have slept in our new house for two weeks. Unpacking is still ongoing - actually it's more of putting things in their right place but it's also very hard!

Here are some random shots of our life in the past two weeks.

Yu putting toys through the grilles and retrieving them

First dip in the pool!

The boys were very happy!

Sitting on the floor coz no sofa until last Saturday

Yu does it so often *.*

Kiddy activities downstairs! They were making SLIME :p

Yu looking at the pool - so cute!

Universal Design for persons of all abilities indeed...

We realised very quickly that it is much easier to "lose" kids in this house - four rooms, of which two were connected by a balcony. The two connected rooms felt magical, like Monsters Inc!!

Moving to Bukit Panjang meant the end of crazy HV-BP-Redhill-BP-HV commutes. We "upgraded" to less crazy BP-HV-Redhill-HV-BP commutes. We started with Sito joining me in the morning and N in the evening to help take care of Yu. But with the electricity work on our first Tuesday, I had to leave N at home and fetch Yu on my own, gasp!

Turned out Yu was very kind to me!

But gosh, it started pouring when I pulled up at his school and I had to drive in heavy rain the whole way! Stressful! Just glad he didn't cry like he did towards the end of the journey the past three times.

Turned the TV towards the dining table for Kai and Yang, and caught Yu and Boo in the picture :p

Our new house is full of knocks already, with the latest casualty being the wall behind the sofa - I got the drawing board so that they won't draw on the wall, right? Wrong! The markers found their way to the wall in two little hands - Yang's and Yu's.

But Yang is so happy with the board!

We're so near the farms now!

We all still refer to our home as "new house". Sometimes, the kids would check to make sure we were coming back here and not the old house. Sometimes, I thought of the old house and felt sad - it's hard to put into words but 心酸 kind of cuts it. I'm a little apprehensive about going back tomorrow morning - arranged for people to get the buffet table and the dining set. We shall see how...

New home sweet home!

After five years of waiting, after we grew from three to five of us, we finally moved in!

Sito and I took leave the whole of last week to pack and unpack and move. We - or rather, I - overestimated the time required for packing and underestimated that for unpacking. Kai and Yang happened to be at home coz Kai had a bruised toe and I brought him to the doctor (he was totally fine) so Yang refused to go to school *.* It was quite fun having them around - sometimes, when they were happy and not cranky!

 They helped to pack their toys!

Found the magazine with our newly renovated first home in an advert - so different from now!

Found our wedding shoes :) His were peeling, mine had shattered heels. Dumped!

Took a tea break on Monday afternoon at OCK :)

We managed to pack almost everything by Tuesday morning, went out for lunch and did some household shopping at IMM - Daiso of course!!!!! Then we went to BP to drop the stuff and pick the kids up.

Yu enjoyed digging into boxes, especially where he found his toys

Our old living room with some 30 cardboard boxes and five suitcases and other random boxes

I went with Mum and the kids to BP on Wednesday morning to clear space for boxes and prepare for the moving-in ceremony. Sito arrived before 10 am with lots of stuff! We bought more stuff at the NTUC downstairs, including tang yuan and two bowls.

Yu had some last fun with a box before he went to school

And with the tang yuan, we've "moved in"!

Our fridge finally arrived and I spent some time cleaning it out while Sito went back to wait for the movers, who happened to be able to make it earlier, which was great for us! They very chop chop shifted everything over in an hour!

Boxes now in our new living room

We managed to unpack half the boxes before we had to fetch the kids. No mean feat!

Returned to this though - so bare :(

Thursday was a very siong day. We dropped Yu off and went to BP. Three of us, including N, unpacked and wiped down everything to get the house ready.

When Friday morning arrived, I told the older kids to remember their first home and we left... So sad to be leaving our first matrimonial home, where our kids spent their first years.. But we were just too busy last week to feel sad about it! Which is even sadder...

Our last family shot at our old place...

Echoes can be heard in the empty house...

Only the wall decals remain now

I left Kai's drawing on the wall

The floor beneath our old bed is of a different colour and feel!

And the kitchen I painstakingly curated

Friday evening, Sito and I picked Yu up in HV and left for BPP

Yu had dinner while Sito went to fetch his brothers. As Yu was quite dirty with food, we decided to give him a shower. The water took a long while to heat up. When it was hot, the mains tripped! I turned it back up and carried on. But it happened again and the mains refused to be turned back up! I got N to give Yu a wipe-down and be done while I called the guard house - maintenance office was closed by then. Two guards came up to check and found the washing machine point to be at fault. So weird. We turned that point in the DB box off and managed to keep the mains up.

The next morning, I called the maintenance office and they sent the main contractor up. Couldn't resolve. Arranged for their electrician to come over on Tuesday morning. Due to potential complications with regard to two sockets drawn from the washing machine points, I called our ID and he sent his electricians too.

I took leave on Tuesday. Three hours in, they told me it was done. But as we started to try out things, the mains tripped. The electrician suggested pulling an external wire to the washing machine and I agreed. The problem was resolved after that but they didn't put back my two sockets so my ID's electricians came back the next day to fix it.

The whole thing was super weird. I had used the washing machine before we moved in. I had tested the water heater before we moved in. I had tested the two sockets before we moved it. Everything was fine until we moved in! And how did the heater affect the washing machine?! The problem lies with the wire leading to the washing machine. Either it was spoilt at developer's side or my renovation did something to it. And seems like the problem flared up only when we moved in. Glad that the main contractor did it out of good will. Coz our renovation would have voided any warranty.

But my neighbours were upset about it! I posted this on our Facebook group to see if anyone else had the problem. And someone complained to the developer that they should have hacked our walls! I ended up having to assure the electrician then his boss then the developer...

Anyway, we're moved in :)

Now the process...

19 Oct 2017

After more than four years, we got our keys to our new home!

Mum came with Sito and me to look at the place. We took some measurements for appliances and tossed some ideas about. Then we walked around the common area - think the kids will be happy with the pool :) Not too sure about the playground though...

20 Oct 2017

Can't remember if it was the previous night or this morning. I suddenly had a feeling of apprehension about moving. Coz it's further from work? Coz it's still new and strange? I'll miss Holland Village too.

22 Oct 2017

Whole clan went to the new house to look see! Kai said his room was small *.* Some time later, he also asked why N's room was so small. I asked him if he would switch with her :p

Had the fengshui master over as well and took notes like crazy. Then we became $1,000 poorer...

28 Oct 2017

We went back in between YQ's tea ceremony and wedding lunch to take picture of the toilet bowls - lots of neighbours talking about them so must check!

Later, we showed these photos to our ID, who said that the lobang behind was due to the trap used. Too technical! Later in the shop we bought our bidet, the lady also said the same technical thing. Alright, but I don't like it - what if water stays there and we breed mozzies? What if - with three boys - poop flies there?!

Also pasted lots of bright pink post-it notes on defects and sent in the list.

3 Nov 2017

Met the contractor S to go through the defects. Confirmed that our toilet bowls are fine! I asked about sealing it, and he advised me to seal with silicon to facilitate any future works.

That night, we met our ID to discuss renovation too. Went back to the one who did our current place. And Mum's place. And Jo's place - she recommended him to us.

8 Nov 2017

Nope, did nothing on this day but updated this to-be-published post, and realised that I had not taken a single decent photo of our new place!! I shall correct that...

17 Nov 2017

Turned on water and electricity today!

I brought a picnic mat and worked there while waiting!

18 Nov 2017

We were at the child care centre open house when the contractor S called. So we went over that evening! Most were done. The balcony wall remained rough and after some clarifications, we understood that the smooth wall on the floor below was a mistake *.* We closed an eye on the floor tile straddling inside and outside the main door. It's not too visible and the work involved was too much. The contractor was already very nice to replace a tile in the master bathroom coz he saw that it was cracked.

But found that the ceiling light in Kai's room was blocking the cabinet. So might as well ask him to change the round plug for the washer to normal plug. But I only managed to submit the defects a week later coz my fax couldn't get through early. In fact, it didn't get through but I got their email address when I called :p

27 Nov 2017

It was a Monday but we went down at night to check things out before meeting ID again on Friday. Came home with an aircon remote control coz ours all spoilt :p

The original colour is white!!

1 Dec 2017

Met ID to discuss design.

6 Dec 2017

Went to meet ID at our new place and hand over the keys. Managed to arrange an inspection with S too. ID pointed out some minor defects so I told S who got his men to rectify on the spot.

But I found that the wash basin was too small! That's an A5 book.

By January, we decided to hack the mirror cabinets and vanity cabinets in the two bathrooms coz they were super non-user friendly - the basin was too small and you can't bend over enough coz the mirror cabinet was in the way, which means wet floors all the time!

22 Dec 2017

Final meeting with ID after Yu was down to go through electrical and lighting plans, as well as the laminate finish. Had to order Macs for our dinner as we were warned that this could take four hours!

ID sent us the 3D images the next day along with the edited plans - so nice!!!

Living room

Our room

28 Dec 2017
On leave to buy furniture so went to Hillion to do some final measurements.

Found it all protected!

Kitchen area

Common bathroom

Our bedroom

Also found the top of the mirror cabinets in both bathrooms looking like crap

We wanted to seal it up but as mentioned above, we changed to hacking it off :p

That afternoon, I sprained my ankle :( Never mind, still had to buy and bought our sofa and mattresses! Even customised a mattress for N coz her room is too short for a full-length mattress. Luckily she isn't too tall :p

8 Jan 2018

Day of the traffic accident. Went to have a look as I heard some works had been done. Most of the electrical work was done. But the living room balcony light was left on, argh!

A single 36W is bright enough

Couldn't turn off the balcony light coz of this

The crappy basin looked so filmy!

26 Jan 2018

Was very sick. Changed child care leave for centre closure to MC. But I had to go settle the tap at the washer - ID said nothing came out! Turned out there was some wrong connections. The developer contractor was very nice and helpful, and fixed it on the spot. I also happened to chance upon my own paid work - they were sanding the parquet floor and then rolling some yucky brown thing over.

31 Jan 2018

Very pissed with the gas installation today. The guy wanted to test the gas so I let him. But the loose fixtures had not been fixed yet so there was nothing to turn the hob on. He somehow managed to turn it on. Tested so done right? No! He let it burn high coz "must keep it on in order to test the gas heater". What?? So he went to turn on the heater at the remote control, and as I watched, the fire from the hob was affecting the cabinet above!! I shouted for the guy who came back in from the bathroom to turn off the hob. Too late, some glue melted a little :(

And the water still wasn't hot. Why? Coz the main switch at the heater was not on! So he reached over the wall to the aircon ledge to turn it on, by stepping on the wall with his dirty and wet socks! Water was still cold. I just asked him to go; I could test slowly on my own.

He left black and wet marks on the floor so I went around wiping with kitchen towels coz that was all I had! And when I was wiping, I found the dirty wall. I was so angry coz our ID only just painted and cleaned the whole place! Luckily, he helped us paint over nicely again.

3 Feb 2018

I realised a bit late that I forgot the curtains *.* So arranged for the measurements to be done today.

Also arranged for installation of loose items, i.e. toilet seats, hobs, shower heads etc. And the bidet for ourselves that we bought separately.

All well done!

And best, the guy installing the loose items taught me how to use the heater. It was totally different from what the gas installation guy said, and it worked! I was so angry all over again and wrote in to complain. City Gas called me back to understand the case, and that was it.

6 Feb 2018

Arranged two deliveries and one installation today! The TV and washer-dryer came first. Then the TV installation. I waited for the fridge until I couldn't wait. But while I was reaching the child care centre, the delivery man called! I told him I told his colleague by 5.30 pm. I waited until 5.40 pm and had to go. He told me he could deliver again but there would be a $80 charge. I told him I wasn't paying as the text message from them wrote clearly 2 pm to 5.30 pm for me.

Seriously, are they trying to be irritating with their delivery hours of 11 am to 3 pm or 4 pm to 8 pm?? Do I take morning or afternoon leave for the first slot? And for those who haven't moved in, with kids, like us, how to do the second slot?! And their delivery men don't need to eat at proper meal times?

Anyway, arranged for 14 March when we will be unpacking there and can wait 11 am to 3 pm. Ridiculous.

10 Feb 2018

Taken at HV MRT platform on the way to Chinatown

There's a windmill above the top left corner of the photo. I remember I passed by the windmill one day some years back and wondered how long more I would be there for. Well, that windmill is long gone and I'm still here!

17 Feb 2018

Second day of LNY and we decided to move lots of bags over!

Mr Strong

Apart from the brown bag, all the other big bags were used for more moving trips like this...

We had hotpot downstairs!

And bought a drink at the Esso station on our way back!

I was telling Sito where I had the accident when the car in front of us did the same thing - cut across two white lines to go to PIE! Why?!!!

21 Feb 2018

Shopping day at IMM! Went to only two shops in three hours - Daiso was one of course, and got some bedsheet sets. I was so dead after that..

23 Feb 2018

Went to Ikea to buy yet more things and brought them straight to the new house. We were there until quite late coz fixing things etc. Then, a fire alarm went off. We didn't think much of it until it was time to go - the lifts didn't work :( So we walked 18 floors to the carpark *.*

And this night, the car in front of us looked drunk. Very suay.

26 Feb 2018

Dashed to Ikea to change some towels - took the wrong size - and bought more stuff to carry to the new house all m=by myself. I Ms Strong :p

Curtains went up! So pretty, especially the Tiffany blue in Yu's room :)

Took the chance to do some laundry too. The washer-dryer took damn long!!

28 Feb 2018

The bed frames arrived but only for the kids. Some issue with the queen bed coz we wanted to change the high headboard to a low one.

3 and 7 Mar 2018

Our electrician came over to check out the light in Yang's room, which flickered when other lights were turned on or off. Couldn't find out why but one light got busted. So he had to come back another day to fix it.

5 Mar 2018

The mattresses arrived! Don't know why but all these deliveries are always late!

10 Mar 2018

Our bed frame arrived! The high headboard came along with it else we would have no bed! Have to wait for the low one to arrive end of the month.

And I put on some bedsheets - it's time.

And we were ready to for moving week!
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