Thursday, 9 November 2017

Happy wedding and birthday weekends!

Two weekends ago, 28 October, YQ got married!

We dropped the kids in school and hurried to the tea ceremony. Turned out that the troop was late! When they showed up, we realised why - 16 brothers and sisters in all! Lucky they could walk across from the my SIL's place hoho!

Tea ceremony was quite chop chop. Then Sito and I left to check on defects - no other time to do! But we got back in time for him to poop (:p) and for me to do my hair at a neighbourhood salon. And then we went to school for the kids - changed them there and off we went!

But it took us some time to find the carpark entrance to the Marriott. By then, no time for the boys to jump his hotel bed. Next time at his place la...

My handsome boys!

The mini handsome and me!

This was the fifth time in my life that I did a hair-up. Some Japanese makeover tie-up with skincare products, ROM, wedding photoshoot, wedding and then now! Quite fun and pretty but the undoing and washing!!

Now, the two boys were supposed to be flower boys. But there were only two baskets so they shared one while SIL's niece took one. And, no rehearsal. What happened was 惨不忍睹 - within seconds of the door opening, Yang dashed to Kai and whacked the basket! Kai who was nicely throwing petals at first thus joined in and threw all the petals and ran down the aisle with his brother!!!!!

Let's just show this nice photo of them waiting outside...

And then Kai fell asleep

And crawled onto Papa

And Papa carried him

Ok, waking up!

Yang was not sleeping; he was running all over the place

A photo with Mother! Been a long time!

When the two boys were playing at the stage, they pushed each other around and Yang fell off! My heart dropped! I saw him fall but I didn't see how he hit the ground. But there was a red patch on his cheek - poor boy! He cried and fell asleep. And we left.

Family shot with a sleeping Yang

And last weekend, we went to Genting for Popo's 90th birthday celebration!

Yang let his new baby sleep while we queued to check in

Kai loved his butter on hotcakes

Yang loved his butter on hotcakes

So did Yu!

Strangely, neither Kai nor Yang took the syrup...

The happy meal toy is a magic box. Press a button and you pull out a different interior!

Kai with his magic box

Yu's first flight!

We arrived at KL, took a shuttle to Mitsui Outlet Park to meet the troop from Malacca and boarded a bus for lunch near Genting. It was past 2 pm when we had lunch. By the time we got to Genting, there wasn't much to do before dinner time.

We stayed at the Theme Park Hotel. The interior is quite cool. A huge platform bed setup and some black lines on the wall. Done.

Wardrobe - drawn plus knobs for hangers and clothes!

Yu struggled off Ah Zo!

Kai was quite shy with his cousins...

Yu stayed a long time in his seat for once!

We had too much to eat. It was Thai Chinese food. I had three desserts - the green bean, fried durian (yums!) and cake, burp... So we didn't have supper, just guilinggao :p We went out for a short while when Yang and Yu went down; Kai had been outsourced to Mum :p We had to wait some 40 minutes for foot reflexology so we had the guilinggao and walked around a bit. By 11 pm, we needed both foot reflexology and a nap! I slept through most of my session, zzzz...

Yang slept well on his own in the big bed. He didn't come over to my bed but I went over for a short while in the early morning after settling Yu. He's always so warm :)

Yu having his morning milk - must distract him so he would drink!

Breakfast at the shopping area which we were too tired to check out the night before

Next, play time! Can't believe we eventually spent more than 100RM on arcade games and rides!!!

Yu had fun!

The boys loved this

Kiddy rides were fast becoming boring for Kai

Yang still loving it!

Yu was flirting with fellow diners during lunch at DTF

The Hotel First World area is very happening now. I think we stayed there 10 years ago, also for Popo's birthday, and it was old and rundown. Now it's a swanky mall!

Ice cream after lunch!

The same thing had different outcomes due to different eaters...

Sito and I shared a Gong Cha and a Llao Llao. Quite full... Would have been great if we could sleep on the way down but we had Yu with us... Kai and Yang were already outsourced to Mum and N respectively. They of course fell asleep nicely. Yu did too, but in my arms. Mama is resigned to being sleep deprived!

The airport was better than the last time I was there, in 2010! But no time to shop...

Oops, I let them do this...

Kai likes to pose sometimes :)

Empty plane! Yang and I were the first onboard, thanks to kiddy priority

Yu playing with Yang

Towards the end of the flight, Kai came crying coz his right ear hurt. We swopped him and Yang so that we could monitor him. But think he needed more sayang than anything else. And Sito's phone. Well... I would say he is fine now!!

Coming home, Kai kept saying he wanted to go back to Genting. But Legoland is better coz we stay more nights there *.* Yup, my boy loves sleeping in hotels!

Friday, 20 October 2017

Hello again, date night!

Sito and I just had our first date night in just over a year!!!

Oh wait.. We did go out at night while in Legoland...

Our first date night in Singapore in over a year! Hoho!

Yu happened to be awake since 2 pm so it was quite easy to get him to sleep. But Sito was nowhere to be found - he did not reply my texts nor pick up my call. I started getting paranoid and opened up the laptop to get his Apply password - I searched for his phone :p I found him at his office haha! I was sending the screenshot to him when he finally replied my text.

Then I had a little trouble convincing Yang to let me go - had to tell him I was going to bring Papa home. Kai was ever the big boy and agreed to be good :)

We had a simple dinner at Crystal Jade La Mian downstairs. Then we went to Watson and Cold Storage to walk walk and buy stuff. And we were home way before 10 pm :p

It was a good timing that we're resuming date nights coz we just collected our keys yesterday!! Wil definitely need to go shopping etc. So slowly, we'll venture further out. To more date nights :)

Thursday, 19 October 2017

And they grew a little bit more...

I think my baby Yang Yang just had his first big boy cry.

We were reading a book on sports 比赛 when he said "this is bi sai!" and put snot on my face! I sent him straight to bed. He pled for the naughty corner but I refused. So he went to bed. He took a peek at me and Kai watching video later, and I shooed him back.

When I sent Kai to bed, I talked to Yang a bit. When I said goodnight, he said, "But I want to watch funny videos." He was referring to videos of their funny antics, but which recently expanded to sports clips. I told him no coz he was sent straight to bed.

His hands grabbed at his eyes and I thought he was rubbing them when I heard a sob escape him. He was sobbing so hard! But he was also very quiet. No loud wailing like usual. Yes, big boy cry.

I rocked him some more and left the room. Sighs...

So cute yet so naughty!

Now that they are bigger, the way we interact with them and the way they interact with one another seem to be changing. Kai and Yang fight more and harder but they also have their good days when they play quietly with each other.

Happily - ok, grouchily - sharing a yummy drink

We played our first Monopoly game on Sunday - junior edition!

I got bankrupt very quickly and ended the game. The boy who was most confused and yet also enjoyed himself the most was Yang - he kept wanting to follow my token around, and he wasn't much of a buyer too. So he won! Haha!

Yu could only force himself into games - like fishing with hands :p

Look, they'll get too big for the trolley at Giant very soon!

Btw, Yu was wearing the Kellogg onesie meant for Kai but I forgot to bring it out while Kai could fit! And then I forgot for Yang. I finally remembered for Yu! But truth be told - the material isn't too comfy *.*

And barely 10 days into his second year, he fell off the bed again yesterday! I know :( I was napping next to him but N called me out as Kai had a scary nosebleed. I was with Kai for barely two seconds when I heard a thud and a cry! :( I didn't even know which part he hit :(

I'm going to get Kai to the specialist again. Something bloody came out through his mouth this time. N claimed it was the size of Yu's hand! In any case, he has nosebleeds a lot. Even Yang got it once quite recently, when he was digging his nose. Hope he doesn't end up like Kai!

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Bye bye, pumps!

After the long child care centre closure weekend 31 Aug-4 Sep, I decided to drop one pump and just pump once between 2 and 4 pm.

Right after Legoland, I was on course for three days and didn't bring my pump. Instead, I hand-expressed. The quantity dropped madly to below 100 ml :(

The following week, I started a two-week course. The first day, I didn't manage to pump. The second day, I only managed to hand express at 6 pm in the car. The next three days, I expressed by hand in the middle of the afternoon, sitting in a back corner of the classroom. The quantity was pathetic but it was enough for Yu's last bottle at the end of the day, which is usually the least so that he can have dinner when he gets home.

Alarm deleted!

Needless to say, I haven't managed to top up my freezer stash for weeks. I finally ran out on Friday, 29 Sep, sighs!

My last ever packet of frozen breastmilk

As of last Monday, I totally stopped expressing milk, and Yu has been having formula in the day and nursing only at home. Last Saturday, I broke out the formula at home for the first time but he wouldn't take more than 20 ml. I don't know if it's because he wouldn't take the bottle at home, or he didn't like formula made in the Philippines - he was taking Nan Pro 2 made in Switzerland but when he turned one, his first Pro 3 was made in the Philippines. Hope there is no taste difference! Shall monitor...

I'm immensely relieved though - pumping takes a lot of time!! And I had to wear only separates to facilitate pumping. I wore a dress for the first time in a long time last Tuesday and Yang told me I was beautiful :) And I'm now going to sell or give away my two Medela pumps and parts, if anyone wants them. Declutter!

I'm still happily nursing though Yu likes to bite *.* But I shall carry on as long as he likes :)

Monday, 9 October 2017

Happy birthday to my little Yu!

This is one happy chap who loves his birthday - I sang the birthday song to him in the past week and he almost always clapped at the end!

We had a combined celebration for Yu and Mother on Saturday. It was rather cramped in Crystal Jade La Mian XLB for a table of 10 but we don't have much options around here!

"It's ok, I'm happy!"

One big candle and one small candle

Kai and Yang also wanted to cut the cake after blowing the candles

I ordered a sugarless no added sugar banana cake from Edith Patisseri, just so that Yu may have a bite. But he didn't want any, bleah. At least it was yummy. We still remember Yang's horrible cake with no added sugar...

On Sunday, we crossed over from Chengzhu to Star Vista for Yu's birthday lunch. He woke just as we arrived.

Playing with Kai's balloon sculpture, undoing it and eventually bursting it!

Gugu putting on his first pair of shoes

"What are these?"

"I can't walk in them!"

Love his curious look when Jiejie was putting on the shoes for him. He was so guai just sitting there. Think both his brothers had to be held in place... But he couldn't walk with the shoes. Think it's a matter of getting used to them. Will try them out when we go out next week!

Next was 抓周! When we got back from lunch, Kai and Yang discovered the items on the table, especially the sword which was Sito's old toy! It was tough getting them away as Mum laid them out on the floor.

Yu went straight towards his left and picked up the ladles - next Michelin chef?

He got the blue bat on his second go. Unlike his brothers who did only twice, he went a third time, grabbing the microphone!

Yes, Chief Entertainment Office, we're very entertained by him all the time!

First time we did a group shot at birthday I think!

This boy was very excited over his birthday - he was bouncing up and down as we sang the birthday song! And clapping too! So proud of him! :)

And this morning, on his actual birthday, we wished him happy birthday again, and though he looked a little bewildered, he was clearly interested in the cake and/or candle and/or what they meant?!

"Oh, look at that flame!"

Let's blow the candle together!

If you look carefully, Kai was standing next to us. I don't know if it was because he was occupied with his toy or he understood it was Yu's birthday, but he didn't make an attempt to blow the candle. And there was Yang on the sofa behind us - he was sniffling coz he just got caned for jumping on my bed with pee on his feet!

I don't know why I didn't ask N to change bedsheets immediately but as luck would have it, he jumped on my bed with dirty feet again this evening so I made Yang promise to remember and not to do it again in lieu of no caning this time; the next time, he would be caned twice. And I made him watch N change the bedsheets. He helped to bring out the dirty sheets. "So heavy!" :p

The surprise fourth celebration in school!

Source: Teacher KY 

My super dorky birthday boy!

Source: Teacher KY 

And on his birthday, he got to enjoy the swing pushed by his brothers :)

And of course, on this date, he had to fall and hit his head AGAIN!!! I found him in my bed last night. Sito said I nursed him when he first came in but of course I didn't realise until he next cried. I sent him back to his bed and thought I averted a fall. But this morning, he was around his bed after nursing when somehow he fell backwards and bumped the back of his head! Crap!

That wasn't all. I accidentally let go and caused him to land on the diaper changing mat head first. Another thud, albeit lighter. Super sian!!!

And going back the past month, I'm sad to say that Yu fell off my bed again on 12 Sep :( I was sleeping and woke to a loud cry :( NEVER PUT HIM ON MY BED WHEN I'M SLEEPING!!!

Sito has been sore that Yu hasn't started calling Papa. But 16 Sep, Yu said it! But it was a one-hit wonder *.* We shall see...

Yu took his first steps in mid September. Within two weeks, he was walking like a champion! Ok, he does fall here and there, but he is so brave and fearless to keep standing up on his own and go! This boy started teething and walking earlier than his brothers who started at 12 and 13 months respectively. I wonder if the calcium pills had got anything to do with this...

In terms of his sleep, I had a glimpse into STTN on 1 October - he slept at 7 plus and didn't wake until 1 plus! The next evening, the same thing happened! And then he started coughing *.* But in the past few nights, I also discovered that he could sleep better on Kai's bed - first, he fell asleep there when I put him there; second, he crawled there himself and continued sleeping! But the second time, Kai came over to ask me to remove Yu. I had to ask him to let him stay and fortunately, he agreed.

So, one year old. That's my last baby to turn one :((((( But my babies are all growing up! :)) :(( Looking forward to all of their next milestones :)
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